Cyclades Islands 

Aegean sea


The Cyclades is a group of Greek islands, southeast of the mainland in the Aegean Sea. It comprises a complex of 147 islands and islets. 

The name refers to the islands around the sacred island of Delos. Τhe most popular destinations in the Cyclades are Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Syros, Naxos, Iosvisited by millions of tourists every year! 

Green-blue water and white sand are the first things you see when you first come into contact with the landscape.

The wild volcanic beauty of the Cyclades is discovered by Milos with the lunar landscape full of rock such as at Sarakiniko and Kleftiko, and Santorini’s black and red beaches like Kamari, Perissa and Perivolo that reveal the wild beauty of the Cyclades.

A strip of sand divides the sea of Kollona, Kythonos. Beaches organized with water sports facilities, such as Golden Beach, Paros is one of the most popular beach on wind serfing. Also, to have a better viewpoint it would be good to visit its beaches where access is only by sea.

The white houses is the main feature can see them on a Cycladic island, but each island in the Cyclades has a distinctive character stemming from the customs of the place, the degree of tourist development and its geographical peculiarities.

The Cycladic islands hide secrets of ancient Greek culture from the colossal of Naxos to the archaeological center of Delos. Moreover, what makes the Cyclades stand out are the thousands of churches that are huddled on rocky slopes.It’s worth trying local products such as Santorini volcanic wine, Mykonos cheese, Paros wines.

Don't forget to visit!

1. Santorini: Santorini’s Fira and Oia at sunset and the majesty of the caldera. 

2. Mykonos: Cosmopolitan Mykonos, with its windmills and wave-lashed Little Venice

3. Syros: Stately Ermoupoli on Syros, one of the most regal settlements in the Cyclades

4. Andros: The shipowners’ neoclassical Andros town. 

5. Serifos: The steep cubist Hora of Serifos. 

6. Milos: Milos’ Plaka with its castle and old churches. 

7. Tinos: The Volax plateau on Tinos with its giant granite boulders. 

8. Amorgos: The unspoilt villages of Tholaria and Langada on Amorgos. 

9. Paros: The little port of Naoussa on Paros and the island’s mountain villages like Lefkes, Marpissa and Prodromos.
onos cheese, Paros wines.